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Wisconsindignado, #DNC2012 delegate (WI-6), UW alum, democracy addict, left-libertarian, young GenXer. Likes music, beer, WI sports. Views mine. Forward!

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1894 days ago


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HermannBobrovn 1893 days ago

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NorthSpirit1 1893 days ago

So forcing public servant workers to eat pay cuts is Democracy and taxing the rich 2% is Socialism. Who can be trusted if someone rips up your contract. Is that not your bond of trust.

jpilmanis 1893 days ago

Awesome! Way to go! 3,000 were at rally in Denver.

kalifani6 1893 days ago Philadelphia rally to support Wisconsin. Solidarity.

AmerHistTeach 1893 days ago

Just got home from Madison - amazing! Thank you to all of the rest of you everywhere else!

cozyhobo 1893 days ago

There were a few thousand of us in San Francisco today. So far haven't seen any media coverage.

Uberbergermeist 1893 days ago

Pittsburg Pa.over 5G, Harrisburg Pa had 1.3G,OMG Wisconson! You do the Mid-L-class-proud,AmeriKa Proud

AuntInAZ 1893 days ago

Amazing photo, thanks for posting! This is Arizona: where I live.

MNJenn 1893 days ago

This IS what democracy looks like! Way to go everyone!

davidrstrong 1893 days ago

There needs to be 3 times that many on Election Day 2012.

kkbarnard 1893 days ago

This is what democracy looks like! GO, Madison.

perrymiller 1893 days ago

This is "Power to the People" live and in full voice.

jaxtenor 1893 days ago

YES!!! There are those in America who still care.

kalifani6 1893 days ago

What does this mean to you ? Still can't find those comfortable walking shoes Mr.President ?

smallspuds 1893 days ago

What a beautiful sight!

tudorera 1893 days ago

This photo totally doesn't make me cry~ people fighting for rights, I am just all emotional here ;__;

CoonCatt 1893 days ago

100,000 citizens protesting in the streets , I'm sure it'll all blow over soon ...once they recall Governor Walker from office #WIUnion

JerryRT 1893 days ago

2,000 in Salem, OR Support All of YOU and REAL Americans! Fight On! NO NEO-Feudalism!

blair_houghton 1893 days ago

it's real simple, folks, turn this into political action during election season. push the GOP out 4ever