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Set off the metal detectors with the Swag

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2153 days ago

Set off the metal detectors with the Swag


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TheRealKissy 1869 days ago

dog dont you realize ill never make it on a airplane bad enough i got all this jewelry on <3! swagg

cinniesaunders 1875 days ago

i see you workin.

MilitiaMillz 1876 days ago

I Made Jesus walk im never going to hell-He got Jesus on a necklace he cant be going to hell

Dytprime 1906 days ago

i wonder how long it takes to go thru the detector

wetpaintcustoms 1912 days ago


ADyeNBrEEd 1920 days ago

I know u know the truth, u just said some shit that went over heads and #Voila FREE Entertainment BOL

dackfas 1931 days ago

free commercial for #zappos.

dackfas 1931 days ago

gold was worn in ancient times by africans.b4 europeans discovered it.

REALMIKEROG 1932 days ago

all that gold........like a king, except ur black lol

Brothatown 1976 days ago

actually ya'll, metal detectors go off based on the SIZE(keyword) of the disturbance in the electromagnetic field that they create... usually a metal object a bit smaller than a pistol is used to calibrate it, and they can obviously be calibrate

ZACHZASSMAN 1977 days ago


KurtCarMichael 1978 days ago

Thats not a gucci belt its balmain.

EntrpryZ 1985 days ago

actually yall, metal dectors go off based on the density of the metal you have on you... real gold, and platinum do not set off metal detectors... just like the real Gucci belt with the double G's wont set it off, if your gucci belt does then you are rock

Brothatown 1986 days ago

Lol, just because your tiny ass jewels don't set nothin off doesn't mean yeezy's pounds of swag don't

VolatileNinja 1988 days ago

Haha keezebabi been rockin fake shit, gold IS a metal mama, shudda payed attention in class smfh.

KristynCheek 1989 days ago

shut the fuck up. i love yeezy!..SWAG

WTFNAMEsTAKEN 1990 days ago

shit crazy

impeear 2003 days ago

Swag Hard !

Nae_Homie 2007 days ago