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Robot builder, modelmaker and television host on Mythbusters.

Casual Friday at #Mythbusters means Mongolian lamellar armor. #fromset

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1807 days ago

Casual Friday at #Mythbusters means Mongolian lamellar armor. #fromset


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Ladyfox7oaks 1801 days ago

You just *Happen* to have this in your closet, the way has a NASA replica suit?

Markho23 1802 days ago

The Blast Samurai

MynaKroemery 1803 days ago

See me at I got some sexy pix I would like to share with you

HeroldKuliopulo 1805 days ago

mail me at: dobitrabappi (at.) i got sexy pics i am just dying to show off.

pyratenuala 1805 days ago

My friends dress like that on the weekend! LOL!

CoyotiRabiit 1806 days ago

ehehehahahaaa! i dont want to be racist but that fits great!, is this an upcoming episode?

MarianoBryant 1807 days ago


Tindi 1807 days ago

Nice hat. xD

Sushi4Me08 1807 days ago

Now all you need is a Hoarde.

nanami_kamimura 1807 days ago

Looking like a samurai there, huh?

SourWinegum 1807 days ago

I spot a trendsetter!

crystalopaque 1807 days ago

Grant, this is SOOOOO you! The detachable man purse is a "must have" for the stylish Mongol. Red is your color. :)

heraldist 1807 days ago

Stylish! Does it come with an option for sensible shoes? :)

azurelunatic 1807 days ago

Oh, very nice!

coniks2 1807 days ago

That "Great Wall" behind you looks suspiciously like a picket fence....

GeorgeOkuno 1807 days ago

Take the bus home!

WetChicken 1807 days ago

Is that your larping outfit?

theestewardess 1807 days ago

I see you were striving for accuracy. The Mongols often used cones to demarcate the battlefield.

Masterbound 1807 days ago


joshtarle 1807 days ago

Missing a proper helmet and throat guard.