Jill Wagner


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1971 days ago


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TruckerPirate 1186 days ago

ewww salmonella

cubiche83 1966 days ago

I hope it will turn into your prince charming babe.

ruX2 1970 days ago

So what does Dolphin taste like? I would have to imagine that kiss would taste better with tarter sauce!

thunderfalcon01 1970 days ago

hmm..u are full of surprises!!! Kewl. :)

gotobob 1970 days ago

Looks like you have a new boyfriend! I hope it's a boy anyway.

travis68charger 1971 days ago

Jill that is very cute picture.

LobsterJustin 1971 days ago

See, love is constant no matter the species :-)

Rayne_S 1971 days ago

Awwwwwwwwww thats so sweet xoxoxoxox Btw JIll can ya follow me pls on twitter. Ya not following me. I am following you thou. That dolphin is so cute. Ya so cute hot when ya all wet.

chameleon314 1971 days ago

awwww! that's such a cute dolphin! Was it as amazing as you thought it would be?

dhoelcher 1971 days ago

Oooh! Be careful!!! Some of those male dolphins can get VERY "agressive" and try to achieve penetration, and I guess they are, well, have a great deal to be proud of, if u know what I b saying!

BusGuy 1971 days ago

That's one darn lucky dolphin!

breespawn 1971 days ago


lee0409 1971 days ago

That's one for the photo album. Nice