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Entertainer, undefeated boxer, Angel investor, part of the #MoneyTeam and in the check cashing business.

now this is what we call the money cake

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2041 days ago

now this is what we call the money cake


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kiedrot 2014 days ago

i could make a better money cake than this. Were voted one of the top 10 bakeries in america.

SkateOnMeEJ 2024 days ago

Now this is a money cake!

Sugarstarr76 2028 days ago


Special_Dime 2029 days ago

Happy Belated Birthday Money Bags Mayweather! Who made that cake?

JADABRIS 2030 days ago

talk about #MONEY ON MY MIND

maryUNLVEGAS 2033 days ago

wow neighbor

Russianhumor 2034 days ago

Why no sweet girls?? )))

Sebrycca 2037 days ago

now, that's what you call a cake.

DonnellHuxleyi 2038 days ago

email me at: nicehornygirl (=at=) hotmail.com i got lots of sexy pics i am just dying to show off.

mannyscofield 2040 days ago

happy bday champ

OnyxFineAzz 2041 days ago


emjay34 2041 days ago

Damn! Did I miss the party?! Happy belated birthday, old man...*wink*! LOL...j/k! Hope you had a good time....wish I was there!

dwnwitthekngLBJ 2041 days ago

Nobody does it bigger then prettyboy just like no one cam see him in the ring...

dannilam73 2041 days ago

Times r ruff...lol would be an awesome bday gift :-) We love fifty in our house!!!!

dannilam73 2041 days ago

U can call it monkey cake, stacked cake, rich cake, etc I'm lovin it~can I get one on 3/8? lmao

AmbitiousOne1 2041 days ago

Now Thats Originality...!! Good Detail lol

HollywoodVickiB 2041 days ago

Its a cake you dumb .. Happy Birthday Flyod..

realDiscoStew 2041 days ago

This is truely the best cake i've ever seen!

O_ALI_786 2041 days ago

you flloyd do u evn spend tht shyt of do u just tak pic of it

13_Baphomet_33 2041 days ago

I see something like that a wonder.??? How many ??? how many Ppl need this more ??? Thanks Bro. .???