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This monster was more than a handful to create... but it was fun.

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1245 days ago

This monster was more than a handful to create... but it was fun.


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serverAQW 1093 days ago

in Hindu culture it is the goddess kali

Zero_HF 1241 days ago

ok ok can someone tell the powerfull woman are they

AsianBboyValor 1243 days ago

This reminds me of those multi-handed gods I see.. Like the ones in Hinduism.. O.o

NexusEmissary 1244 days ago

Awesome , this monster will drop beleen senak peak armor on design notes?

GompaAE 1244 days ago

Spiky.... cool :3

VampireMax 1244 days ago

amazing ^,..,^

mxtonandres 1244 days ago


UkanlosAkantor 1244 days ago

must be drooping the armor

Mr_Raviteja 1244 days ago

Miltonius you should have said it clearly these are just Goddess Kali worshipers not her.

Mr_Raviteja 1244 days ago

Now I understood one thing One of my frd asked Cysero about this saying this might hurt Religion ppl Feeling and Cy said Those are actualy Kalestri worshipers. They have gone evil. Please take no offense.

DeltaCactuarAQW 1244 days ago

I'm guessing the weapons will be drops. :D

FLAM1N 1244 days ago


Aeriosis 1244 days ago

woah o.o

Thehiddenfire 1244 days ago


Mr_Raviteja 1244 days ago

Nice one milt. But I am sad making a Indian Goddess into monster :( original goddess http://j.mp/f3eRXe pic

SkylineSV 1244 days ago

Haha! Pun... It really looks like she's a handful to animate though.

Zakristone 1245 days ago

Really awesome.

Cluarith 1245 days ago

Do you use adobe flash cs4? if you do could you give us some tips on how to draw on the computer???

opticdragon 1245 days ago

hey the monster u drew is similar to one of the goddesses of india