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[#MBMole] Perhaps a call to our insurers is in order?

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1897 days ago

[#MBMole] Perhaps a call to our insurers is in order?


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coniks2 1868 days ago

he looks happy. Tooooo happy. who drank the stuff any w-- oh. Never mind.

The_Punisher44 1876 days ago

looks like if its a wine cannon or something like that xD

God8996555 1876 days ago

Nah. Why ruin the boy's fun?

ZeligStefanik8 1894 days ago

email me at: nicehornygirl (=at=) i got lots of sexy pics i am just dying to show off.

L_Lawrence93 1895 days ago

Wine-bottle rocket launcher FTW!!! :D

princesspeggy1 1896 days ago

what the hell is it?

Tindi 1896 days ago

Oh, dear. I'm torn between wanting to duck and wanting one of my own...

azurelunatic 1897 days ago

Recipe for an instant barfight!

catman2112 1897 days ago

As long as Tory doesn't try to jump it on his bike you should be ok

blazerrose 1897 days ago

That looks simply awesome.

DevilsRejects 1897 days ago

Haven't you learned that Tory + fun = trouble? lol

superwrench4 1897 days ago

I'm thinking broom and big dustpan.

MandaHopes 1897 days ago

As if your insurers don't monitor your tweets. They keep an eye on you guys, I'm sure!

MargretheRavn 1897 days ago

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Biszmom 1897 days ago

Tory's having way to much fun!

geniec 1897 days ago

what kind of ammo?

Kittersplat 1897 days ago

bottle gatling gun...

LalaRide 1897 days ago

A hand crank gatling bottle gun?

BTW1968 1897 days ago

I suspect Jamie has them on speed dial

SteveAllan83 1897 days ago

I wont ask, but it looks like it could be trouble