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this is the only official ashlee simpson twitter. "click your heels three times and think of me...chick-a-boom"

my girl @cassadeepope from the band hey monday. go watch her band.

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2620 days ago

my girl from the band hey monday. go watch her band.


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Bostelmann918 1966 days ago

address Hi take a look at n r

puhpuhpuhpimpin 1966 days ago

Cass is cute , but assleys nose grew back and needs to do something about that chin gross

MabeFarra 2127 days ago

I love her <3

Tiagoto 2308 days ago

nice makeup hehe

faldontopia 2363 days ago

superiorsound 2365 days ago

Needless to say, I support your support of bands and peeps that should be supported. :D

superiorsound 2365 days ago

Love how the tags on this pic totally diss you even though this is a picture of Cassadee. Way to pay attention to detail, haters!

diegoo_krft 2365 days ago

love love love love love you !

HeyKaeHay 2366 days ago

my 2 faves

c7snare 2367 days ago

ur so cute, gurl. man, i wish i had your hair!

wentzified 2367 days ago

i love 's band you guys rock!!

shiraentom 2370 days ago

hey remember ur fart style sound that time ? hahahahhaahahaha

k8egrohl 2372 days ago

I agree with why bother following someone if you dont like them.... people saying horrible things about people you dont even know, Grow up little kiddies!
p.s cool tie

Breaking_Leah 2373 days ago

whats with all the comments? if you don't like ashlee simpson, then thats fair enough. it doesnt mean you have to go around insulting her AND her family. what's her son done to you? some people are so immature.

dramatic_girl 2373 days ago

can you tell that people are just jealous. Ashlee you are beautiful and your family is awesome... best of luck with Chicago!!

evekat11 2373 days ago

What is with all the nasty comments. If you don't like the people don't follow them - simple as! Oh and by the way Happy Christmas & New Year. New Years resolutions - get a life and only send out good karma!

fruitandtofu 2373 days ago

Can we just do a universal retweet of what just said? Because I agree. Love .

UHHLEESHAW 2373 days ago

Wow, I'm kind of lost for words. has more class in her little finger than any of you fuckwits. Grow the hell up, sure as hell won't screw any of you teenyboppers, regardless of if he is married or not. Jealous, much?

hayliewilson 2373 days ago

Wow, what's up with all of the comments on here? I think you both look gorgeous :)

kerri522 2526 days ago

you should be really really nice to the meanies they love that