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Good morning!  Breakfast of champions...Hahaha (Note: this is not my breakfast)

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2011 days ago

Good morning! Breakfast of champions...Hahaha (Note: this is not my breakfast)


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SupJB1DBeadles 1884 days ago

cookies & milk is the best breakfast in the world but better than milk chocolate take: D hahaha I love chocolate ♥

iJayyNnZee 1906 days ago

is it for Santa Clause?

KATEBIEBER3194 2009 days ago

of course its justins :)

belieber2706 2009 days ago

haha too funny, has to be that of a 16 year old boys-JUSTIN, lmao!!!

itsourjourney 2011 days ago

Thats of Jusin right ? Lol

JBGotMuchSwagg 2011 days ago

lol thats so justins breakfast....Hey I would too if I didnt have to preform today!

biebsmarinecorp 2011 days ago

who wants a bet it was justin's breakfast ;)

dollfacedancer6 2011 days ago

whos breakfast is it !! lmao i wanna cookie ; )

LaurenKbelieves 2011 days ago

cookies and milk....totally yummy

sisterwom 2011 days ago

This looks like Santa claus's breakfast... Haha

dianaguelec 2011 days ago

Yummy !! ♥ Pleassee Folllow Mee! ♥

dianaguelec 2011 days ago

Yummy !! ♥

JessShuu 2011 days ago

My mom says the same thing when I eat Oreos or ice cream for breakfast.

SouSou_A 2011 days ago

xD Breakfast for WHO? I have the same breakfast ;) !

BreeezyBelieber 2011 days ago


Jedwieber 2011 days ago

O.O yummy yummy i wanna have a breakfast like this;)

kristiannaelise 2011 days ago

yummy yummy in my tummy!!!! Dunk & Swirl best way to spend your morning=]

jebsieplebsie 2011 days ago

haha ;D amazing breakfast ; D

itsFefeBieber 2011 days ago

yummy :9 is it justin's breakfast?

FabzGarcia 2011 days ago

come on man stop lying everyone knows that this is your breakfast HAHAHA