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Listening to the completed "Dirty Work" for the first time!!

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1894 days ago

Listening to the completed "Dirty Work" for the first time!!


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beccpinheiro 1885 days ago

I wanna to listen too *-*

JuliaaaCunha 1885 days ago

caaara, eu quero MUITO! NECESSITO, NÃO PODEREI VIVER SEM. *-* só deus sabe quando eu vou conseguir, e SE eu conseguir D: mimi

AllTimeArii 1885 days ago

anxiously awaiting the launch of the dirty work, I loove you guys s2

ranauliani 1889 days ago

please, skip the days until march 22 xD xD

KevinMNorman 1891 days ago

march 25 <3

SheilahZimmerma 1891 days ago

email me at: nicehornygirl (=at=) i got lots of sexy pics i am just dying to show off.

Alex_G_HP 1891 days ago

i cant wait for this xD

katiieannn 1892 days ago

canttt waitt! ;D

earthtomarcel 1892 days ago

Release it! time bomb's ticking:)

EarthToDeidre 1892 days ago

Tell Interscope to release it before we kill them Jeez don't you know your poor hustlers are dieing?

givmetherapy 1892 days ago

eu quero logoooooo :(

LindaUpAllNight 1893 days ago

ahhh!! i so cant wait for it to be released!!

Corbeau_ 1893 days ago

I want too :D

pfvlari 1893 days ago


SassiejRippah 1893 days ago

Give me the wallss :3

SassiejRippah 1893 days ago

i want to listen too :3 I miss 16 february in Amsterdam. You guys were realy awesome <3

giacomoborile 1893 days ago

jaaaaaaaaack ♥

GeorgieGaskarth 1893 days ago


YouFckedMeAtSix 1893 days ago

dammit! why cant pictures have audio? :'(
hurry up and release it!! i'm soo excited!! <3xxx

marinajacome 1893 days ago

nossa sério que bom