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Archangel armor dedicated to @Horsehostaqw hope you like it #TwitPict

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2159 days ago

Archangel armor dedicated to hope you like it #TwitPict


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DukeyHazard 2155 days ago

That is some awesome sick armour there :D

AQWDrakonus 2156 days ago

the breast plate could do a litle more work and the wings are kinda droopy =/ without the wings on the back it looks nice

Berapp 2156 days ago


Mr_Raviteja 2157 days ago


kens_malice 2157 days ago


fyrespitter 2157 days ago

my eyes are blinded with feathers o.e

FallFire 2157 days ago

wow, this is really cool. =) i be those wings were a pain but they look great. =)

IceCannonAE 2157 days ago

I always wanted an angel armor in AQW! If only it went in-game

mxtonandres 2157 days ago

now write it on CS5 pint it and do the actionscrypts

aaronkwise 2157 days ago

very good the wings, could use some work but wings are super hard to get right, keep at it man

WheexAE 2157 days ago

Veryyy good!

AQWChaosRave 2158 days ago

Now THAT is hard work.

abbe393 2158 days ago

wow very nice!

XIII_Riku 2158 days ago

must have taken ages to put in all that feather detail, I would wear it!

veneeria 2158 days ago

Wow! good job :O hope to see it in game... !!!

TommyT94 2158 days ago

O_O so much feathers, so awesome

XcionAE 2158 days ago

Great armour, chest seems too angled away from the viewer though, a male form of this would be amazing I'm sure, great work as always! Have you tried coloring anypics? Or add like shading by haveing a specific lightsourse so it adds a 3D element?

SerLucane 2159 days ago

Wow those feather look like they would have been a pain a pain, great job!!

Blammerified 2159 days ago

its awesome :D

WynterYori 2159 days ago

Really nice