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My new beat protege

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1949 days ago

My new beat protege


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AAYEItzAmber 1624 days ago


christinafenty_ 1757 days ago

love u so much my love!!!!!! but where are you? :D

Bella_Breezy 1762 days ago


DameMalik 1770 days ago

♥ !

whadupbeth 1772 days ago

yes bieber <3

xoHalOoBIEBSxo 1790 days ago

Justin!?!? :D <33

SkyHightP 1797 days ago

wtf .? BIEBER .?
I think it's a bad idea.

lavujbieber 1799 days ago

mmhh justin <3

TanyyaLaouver 1801 days ago

(?) o.o

rhenin00 1801 days ago

Dr. Bieber! I think you might be able to pull that rap gig off, esp. with kanyes help!

igrslvr 1807 days ago

Duuuude are you serious......duuuuuuude.......duuuuude?.....?

shanky_gautam 1813 days ago


LongLiveTay 1814 days ago

oh shit! justin's with you??? pitty, i was starting to like him!

JessiLein_x3 1821 days ago


YaBettaWerk 1822 days ago

Justin Bieber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

DaJujuBreezy 1825 days ago


FashionIsOn4 1825 days ago

wawawaw so interesting haha :P loks serious

OrangutangSlang 1829 days ago

bro please don't the race card in here please

TheRealWay2k 1830 days ago

Ensoniq Asr 10 so classic! Ye should do a youtube video tribute about that board and how its been key to his production. 1 up to all classic users,some1 should custom a White Metallic 1

ItsBieberz 1833 days ago

JUSTIN is there <3