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My friend Steve's resurfaced knee

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1892 days ago

My friend Steve's resurfaced knee


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MaggieGalpinf 1887 days ago

email me at: nicehornygirl (=at=) i got lots of sexy pics i am just dying to show off.

Arthrosurface 1891 days ago

Ken Shamrock has an Arthrosurface HemiCAP in his Shoulder as well!

Arthrosurface 1891 days ago

Looks like an inlay Arthrosurface PF Wave in the middle of the knee!

JaymarcLucas 1891 days ago

In the words of ...TKR bitches!

RealMikeSweeney 1891 days ago

That's actually Terminator's knee. AAAAnold

slinky07 1892 days ago


Kate_Drenning 1892 days ago

It needs a good dry rub and a few hours in the smoker. Then just a few minutes on the grill, maybe spritz it with some lime juice. Delicious.

PeeHed_Ideation 1892 days ago

Looks fun. I wanna play around with it....or at least massage my own back with it. Why am I hungry now?

joyriderXD 1892 days ago


Maximnole 1892 days ago

Sweet...wonder what "brand" that is because I am an engineer making those. Can't tell if its ours or not..

DJTUGG 1892 days ago

Went with the chrome upgrad!?!?! Nice lol

xXHardKoreXx 1892 days ago

For some reason my knees just got all achy and weak feeling...

littlelonelyone 1892 days ago

, thanks, looked like it but wasn't sure

BigProc 1892 days ago

, it looks like it

BigProc 1892 days ago


Osteoid 1892 days ago

way easier to just do a total knee.. Jeez.

CannabisSmok3r 1892 days ago

holy bageezus!!!!! crazy shit

littlelonelyone 1892 days ago

did they also replace the meniscus when they did this?

JoseAngel818 1892 days ago

Sweet! Got any more pics?

VasquezMarisol 1892 days ago

Yummers! That im sure will hurt on rainy days.