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Say what you want, I won't be defeated.

Me with Fifi & Jules, at the FOXFM studios. Might I add - One of the best interviews I've ever experienced. x

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1439 days ago

Me with Fifi & Jules, at the FOXFM studios. Might I add - One of the best interviews I've ever experienced. x


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GypsyMarcusy 1432 days ago

mail me at: ogartaedie (at.) i got sexy pics i am just dying to show off.

AbeFromanMelb 1436 days ago

Surprisingly, both your knees are nearly touching. First time in months??

archangel_010 1436 days ago

nice rack

tamminjane 1437 days ago

modelling career...?
ha! ...good joke though.

MaisieHunter 1437 days ago

Great pic Kim, keep going, lots of people support u!

mikaelaj123 1438 days ago

And I hope u remember me :) xx

mikaelaj123 1438 days ago

Oi babe I dono how to follow u I dono how to use.twit but text me 0431265922 I'm so bored lol

Newts71 1438 days ago

Don't get too close Jules, you will be next on this tramps list!

mbonnacii 1439 days ago

it's a bit obvious by now that all she wants is for everyone to see her anyway, isn't this what it's all about, her getting the publicity? sad way of getting it though however what should we expect from nut cases anyway. she's such a waste of everyones ti

stumpygecko 1439 days ago

You silly silly girl. The courts have gone to all that trouble to protect your identity WTF

mik_dawg 1439 days ago

haaaawt!!! lookin' awesome, Kim! xo P.S. please follow me, i'm new to Twitter n ur the reason i'm here. i'll be ur BFF... :-P cheerz :-)

Bekah_Star 1439 days ago

I think you would be a great undercover Journo .... dig out more dirt meooooooooooooow

LMargolez 1439 days ago

Have you been comfort eating? #someonegotfat


Did you manage to sneak in your mobile? A spitroast with Fifi and Jules could have landed you big $$

mikaelaj123 1439 days ago

You guys are so horrible to her. I'm sure u guys aren't stunning beauties!

trubluetongue 1439 days ago

its Dools ya dum slapper

phibzzz 1439 days ago

Looking good buddy

adenbull 1439 days ago

Your actually hot as

MsLolaLeo 1439 days ago


MrsPugin 1439 days ago

Blame the camera and bad lighting! Fifi & Jules don't look there best either!! Don't listen 2 the negative ones!! :)