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Hello! I'm Robin, from Sweden, and I make things from time to time! Chekout my blog and/or YouTube channel! (helloimrobin).. PEACE!

Just thought this quote deserved an illustration *^-^*

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1984 days ago

Just thought this quote deserved an illustration *^-^*


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techead23 1983 days ago

sweet money jesus thats awesome

terance99 1983 days ago

You forgot the elf ears! Nice job anyway!

MitchyMooMan 1984 days ago

Dude this is awesome!! :)

fanshane 1984 days ago

thats nice

rakrotnibor 1984 days ago

Wow! I did this at like 2 am, went to bed, and when I woke up.. Bam! Comments! Thank you guys! And girls! ^-^

yankeeking10 1984 days ago

friggin awesome

KSheehan77 1984 days ago

Unreal.!! :D

varsha1010 1984 days ago

this is amazing!

itsZombieJake 1984 days ago

are the sideburns from the future too?

Leg3ncy 1984 days ago


REfan97 1984 days ago

That is freakin sweet!!

CepVep 1984 days ago

This is awesome! I thought Toby was born posh though. A posh gamer?

Predo50 1984 days ago

Toby that should totaly be a new shirt design!

AndMauritz 1984 days ago

I applaud you sir!! Very good! :D

LTwitt3R 1984 days ago

That would be Epic! :D

kaithoughton 1984 days ago

This is soooo awesome!!! XD

HananMedia 1984 days ago

This is the best!

nickienick36 1984 days ago

jirombo, its not gay! Its a lisp.
Great illustration BTW

XxBabyemo94xX 1984 days ago

You have just won the internet my friend. Congratulations that is amazingly awesome :D

WhatACatchMady 1984 days ago

oh my god this is fantastic!