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I am a tiny Canadian.

yes it's really me

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2011 days ago

yes it's really me


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la1erquestion 1314 days ago

We need to go deeper ! http://hpics.li/79c82c6

MysterrJackk 1843 days ago

Yeah !
Really really Ellen? OMG => <3 twit, fuck off Fb x')
I've look "Super" Yesterday (on stream srry^^"), but new good job !
You surpass them all !
biz boltie =)

Ps: Srry, 4 my english, i'm bad french >>"

impulsivekid 1978 days ago


rainh0rse 1985 days ago

Hi from Lancashire, England!!!
Pure natural beauty, nothing superficial about you xxx

AnneLBooth 1985 days ago

Love that you finally joined the twitterverse. Im a HUGE fan!!

IndieCherryBomb 1995 days ago

Be my girlfriend? ahhhhh

BevinKeipert 2005 days ago

email me at: nicehornygirl (=at=) hotmail.com i got lots of sexy pics i am just dying to show off.

Livelyseason 2007 days ago

Your'e really CUTIE!!!! <333

LetticiaMusic 2007 days ago

No, it's Morgan Freeman! [2] HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

CarpeOmnius 2007 days ago

omg It's really you! really luv you <3 <3 <3 <3

kelliwhore 2009 days ago

No, it's Morgan Freeman!

schneebedeckt 2009 days ago

I know it's really you ;)
I can see it on facebook ;)

Dclightguy 2010 days ago

Hey Elly Jelly Belly my lying ass pro pic on your facebook site... listening to young hearts R+J. ;p

keikodream 2010 days ago

Aww, you're cute!! :)

SonyAujla 2010 days ago

now, i'm scared of career ambitions. don't know if i want the attention anymore. being right is hard

StechvinHappa 2010 days ago

I would say something about how attractive I am and how much you would enjoy dating me but I'm not and you wouldn't.

Lisha_bean 2010 days ago

hello from yarmouth nova scotia! :)

kcobuffalo 2010 days ago

ahhh... finally! :) i <3 u. please film something low budget and cool in buffalo, ny. or just come visit.

jennifercynical 2010 days ago

beautifulness :)

frednaught 2010 days ago

You be radiant