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Cathedral in ChCh destroyed #eqnz

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1918 days ago

Cathedral in ChCh destroyed #eqnz


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fibifooz 1913 days ago

My heart goes out to the people of Chrisrchurch, only returned to UK from NZ on Saturday myself

keepdafaithsis 1915 days ago

My heart aches...

_merlinsbeard 1915 days ago

:'( that's awful

VogueBiebster 1915 days ago

It was such a beautiful building

OkotaUK 1915 days ago

fuck me this is terrible!

JM_Bieberr 1916 days ago

OMG!!!! 0_0

BLUESCLUES_ 1916 days ago

fuck :o.

UrBiddie_MyBed 1916 days ago

This is sad....

BrutalJones 1917 days ago

A terrible loss of New Zealand culture. This breaks my heart.

Gauri_Agarwal 1917 days ago

Prayers from India :-(

tatsnaly 1917 days ago

OMG! i don't want to believe this is real...pray for #Christchurch

Kiddo72 1917 days ago

My prayers with NZers in this sad day. A big hug from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

dbobsnodgrass 1917 days ago

puffafish123 1917 days ago

aww... god is no longer there anymore! hopefully god will help us fight back!

tobyoliverdean 1917 days ago

Churches can be restored - I am thinking more of the loss of human life.

JeanettesCakes 1917 days ago

Remember it well. Spent the most enjoyable time in Christchurch 1999. Sadddddddddd

Ian51D 1917 days ago

The Cathedral was iconic to NZers and to the peoplr of Christchurch especially. It's destruction is terrible but far worse is the loss of life in our small country, We all weep today!

JTdidit 1917 days ago

WOW! In #Christian #logic does this mean that #God is #angry at them for some reason? #God at #work!

MarcOnTwitt 1917 days ago

Hmm sad that such and artchitectual wonder has been detroyed. Anybody got hurt ?

kuira1 1917 days ago