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someone on fb just uploaded this #cathedral #eqnz

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1921 days ago

someone on fb just uploaded this #cathedral #eqnz


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webmonkeyuk 1921 days ago

awful :(

LeahJBP 1921 days ago

Thats sad as pray for my country !

SCMAotearoa 1921 days ago

* hugs * … :(

Aotearoanz 1921 days ago


nzwriter 1921 days ago

my hometown is debris and dust :( The cathedral i have often climbed to the top has gone. Christchurch will never be the same again and our iconic landmark is all but destroyed.

hallock35 1921 days ago

Holy cow. I was just there last month. My thoughts are with you all.

aphros67 1921 days ago

oh dear !

acostie 1921 days ago

Just terrible. My thoughts go out to all in C'church and the South Island

duahia 1921 days ago

My prayers are w Christchurch. I was staying in the hotel right beside only 2 days ago. :(

StopCensoringMe 1921 days ago

God bless!

chiho_watanabe 1921 days ago

How sad,, makes me cry.. My thoughs are with you all in Christchurch.

Bilbo2_0 1921 days ago

That's horrible!! :0(

BluesBro 1921 days ago

I was up the top of that tower last year

constatine 1921 days ago

Very sad. Thoughts with those in Christchurch

JonyRamirez 1921 days ago


miApples 1921 days ago

Too many deaths ... News coming in

littletiger06 1921 days ago

so sad! :(

siand85 1921 days ago

I was in there a few weeks ago, hope everyone is ok

Mattersmasher 1921 days ago

forget the architecture, just hope everyone's safe!

AreWeMarried 1921 days ago

Wow, that's sad. And shocking. And sad.