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It's 5 O'clock somewhere...(ps: ignore my un-manicured nails)

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2161 days ago

It's 5 O'clock somewhere...(ps: ignore my un-manicured nails)


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doograham 2142 days ago

Always did look pst them...there were so way better things Dwight was looking at, Dangerous Curves Ahead. I'll go real slow around this one...I'm blushing

angie_Ramshur 2151 days ago

Your so cute!! What was that your drinking? Looks yummy!

madame_addie 2158 days ago

awwn u look cute! haha its 5 o clock anywhere!! lol

kelly2266 2159 days ago

Fun! :) You look a bit like renee zellweger in this picture

janetmclark 2160 days ago

you look cool no mattter what!

cupcake_snob 2160 days ago

Oh you're at the Ivy! I love that place! SO cute!!!!

ahpelechaty 2161 days ago

" (ps: ignore my un-manicured nails) " ... proves your a normal individual! LOVE THEMMM <3

FASPSD 2161 days ago

/Users/silvanofaccio/Desktop/IMG_6255.jpg Thanks for the pics today . Silvano :)

ceceliagrilli1 2161 days ago

Your cheeks are a little rosy! :)

beans79 2161 days ago

I can't wait to see you on Ellen Wednesday!!!

K9MOM_of_3 2161 days ago

this is how we love you best, Kellie :)

NOVAGIRL71 2161 days ago

ahh girl, don't worry about your nails, you look great and like you are having fun!!!!

Missyh7 2161 days ago

Meant Kellie!! Lol ooops

AlyzabethM 2161 days ago


joyiaelena 2161 days ago


rugertteas 2161 days ago

that has always been my theory...has not let me down yet...

jmarkiemark 2161 days ago

You always look great..... And, so does the drink :)

Missyh7 2161 days ago

You still look beautiful, Kelly.

cowboyGor 2161 days ago

Its 5 O'clock, here in the East! Sing me another song, so we can toast again! =)

pineapplemurder 2161 days ago

that looks so yummy