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either me and @Mark_Salling lost a bet (outfits) or it's the FIRST look pic from "sexy" GLEE ep. airing march 8th.

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1433 days ago

either me and lost a bet (outfits) or it's the FIRST look pic from "sexy" GLEE ep. airing march 8th.


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Pinkyhotwheels 1411 days ago

LMBO!!! that color looks good on u,that whole thing was HILARIOUS tho!,& u looked like u were having a little TOO much fun singing on there!

BeliebInBieber7 1417 days ago

Nice outfit! It looks really good on you : )

GabbyIndigo 1424 days ago

From what I know, you were in the "Elite Jazz Band" during your years in high school, John!

sarahcox922 1426 days ago

These outfits are hot, its ok to admit you lost a bet

oliviamayjasper 1429 days ago


Nicole_Liane 1429 days ago


HeidiKristin912 1430 days ago

I keep pinching myself trying to wake up...:)

shelbyteach 1430 days ago

OMG Those ties are ridiculous! You look like boy scouts or something!

ErinJosefchak 1430 days ago

love this

izzieburris 1431 days ago

You look like a fifties jazz playing- mariachi band. no sense. haha. Work it.

DocKellogg 1432 days ago

Mark ur the best¬° Love ur voice¬° :) <3

thaa_miris 1432 days ago

oonwt! <3

kerrinjb 1433 days ago

Yet another example of the Puck enigma. Suave charmer or crass airhead? Very disconcerting ;)

sarz112 1433 days ago

Great! Mark Salling is one of the reasons why I wanna learn how to play piano and guitar.

SheenaD09 1433 days ago

Yay!! Looks exciting..I love the show!! Puckerman is one of the best vocalists :)

cassdsassyangel 1433 days ago

so freakin charming! ;D

littlenann 1433 days ago

OMG you guys looks amazing!! now I'm so excited for this!!

Daniilux 1433 days ago

beautiful.. both of you!! I love you both. Puck u should sing more in Glee.. your voice is the best

cahhloureiro 1433 days ago

Que lindo *O*

saintgron 1433 days ago

So excited!!! :D