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Man of God (repenting sinner), Proud Father & Husband, Pro Football, Always rooting 4the under dog,From D.C. rep it proudly #202 #216

My boy @KingJames

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2192 days ago

My boy


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kburdz 2187 days ago

Josh can be friends wit whoever he wants... Im sure every person on here is friends wit 2 ppl who hate each other

JimPiersall 2190 days ago

How dumb are you people? Josh can be friends with who wants of course, and we can do what we want

steelersfan_786 2191 days ago

Cleveland Fans move on!!cant change it now.Josh has the right to be friends with who ever he wants.

clevelandfinest 2191 days ago

i love josh..but who are these people commenting that we should get over him? who are you to tell us?

joyful2020 2191 days ago

To the haters, I'm sorry your NBA God (Lebron James) left you and you cannot survive, that's real pitiful. Reality check! he is just a Guy that plays ball. That's it ok

joyful2020 2191 days ago

To the haters, you people are sick! its like your God left you and you can't survive. Lebron is just a guy who happens to be a good ball player but Dan or nobody else owns him. Josh Shout out to your friendship with Lebron!! You are the sane one.

andgirlie 2191 days ago

Quit giving Josh Cribbs crap over this. You can't tell someone who he can be friends with. Grow up

andgirlie 2191 days ago

Wow, can we please get over the lover scorned thing already. I mean whats done is done.

cedlyons 2192 days ago

Forget lebron! Glad the east lost so he wouldn't get the allstar Mvp

paw2009 2192 days ago

This is a Nice Picture of Lebron Thanks Josh! oh 2 the haters Ya;ll don't own Lebron he's grown man Whats done is done! Move on! He Did! Didn't he?!

theDaveBarry 2192 days ago

This is not a Cleveland icon people. A real Clevelander wouldn't call LBJ his "boy." Thought you were one of us JC! Now that you got the money that seems not to be the case. On to the next one!

Kacol280 2192 days ago

Come on Cribbs....thought you wouldn't like him. I still got love for ya tho. Go Browns!

pup017 2192 days ago

Thought you were Cleveland Josh. Guess you are just like all the rest. Bow to that bit<h.

malones7 2192 days ago

he's a piece of crap