Chris Daughtry


Husband, Father, Singer/ Songwriter, Comic-Book Enthusiast...and Whatnot

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2711 days ago


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carolinadaisy 2533 days ago

looks like Bam Margera

bostongrl70 2696 days ago

DOn't you miss home cooking?

Glitter_Rebel 2705 days ago

Eww I just lost my appetite, where the hell was he eating at so I can make sure NOT to go there BLAH!lol

mommymeuh 2708 days ago

niiicccee sausage...on the plate=)

sweetmanda69 2711 days ago

OMG That looks like a penis with balls on his plate! lol

CattLondon 2711 days ago

so he's eating a chip..but what the heck is on his plate?? lol

HoldinMyHorsies 2711 days ago

His name is so similar to mine, lol.

grn_eyed_GATOR 2711 days ago

Damn Chris! You get to eat out with All the Hot Guys!!!
Love Will Thomas! Saw them when they opened for ya'll in Charlotesville!

jodiracanati 2711 days ago

looks good

CravenLife 2711 days ago

bet that shot caught him off guard!

NandaCabrera 2711 days ago


casey2383 2711 days ago

I dont really have a dirty mind buuuuut.... is that a penis on his plate?

NanaGayle23 2711 days ago

you tell Will Thomas he needs to get his butt onto Twitter!

missflipflop 2711 days ago

is that guacamole i see?! lol always romantic with guac! enjoy your bromance brunch! :)

old_skool01 2711 days ago

Yummy! I DON'T mean the food ;)

nedinachristina 2711 days ago

That looks so good! Now I'm hungry!

christine656 2711 days ago

Ummmm, I'll pass. Thanks...

Mrsdaughtry 2711 days ago

The food I mean. ;)

AmyInPA 2711 days ago


Mrsdaughtry 2711 days ago