Jennette McCurdy


Sorry I'm so sarcastic. I feel really bad about it.

haha there's an authentic costume card with a piece of sam's clothing in it!

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2739 days ago

haha there's an authentic costume card with a piece of sam's clothing in it!


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KPLovesUShow 2270 days ago

thats awesome!

feltsongasm 2374 days ago

i love Saam ♥

naomealopra 2403 days ago

i love samantha puckett

JennyMartzScott 2493 days ago

I love your role in iCarly sam, sam aperte as dresses!

teagmania159 2517 days ago

thats so cool and i leave this coment now cause i went down all of your tweets it took me like 10-15minutes and i found this and the fred video with your awsome song in it so yeah and cool about this photo

isevgi 2524 days ago

that s reaal cool i think c:

OHDARNT_T 2595 days ago


xlovegood 2615 days ago

Oh that's cool OMG twins XD

Torik5 2615 days ago

Woah...they make things like that!? o_O That's crazy...but now I want it! ;)

AndrewGSpidey 2648 days ago


SodaFountain 2659 days ago


UnJjashman 2679 days ago

also i want one

UnJjashman 2679 days ago

ya where is miranda

billbe58 2680 days ago

how come miranda isn't in any of these pics????????

paolafreire 2680 days ago

huuu iCarly!!

MelissaBraga_x 2685 days ago

I Love ICarly!!! :DD

babimsb 2696 days ago

How nice : ) I like so much Icarly , : ) . Today i watched the chapter of the charared lol , that the man travel on friday ,passed three days , and back on friday . *giggles* Niiice .

redcarbears 2698 days ago

lol. i want one!

jnguy2 2698 days ago

i want one!!!!!!!!!

samigirl112 2698 days ago

can u buy those?!?!