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New York Times columnist, two-time Pulitzer Prize winner, co-author Half the Sky,

I get a hair cut in #Bahrain roundabout: It's now a city with all amenities. Even freedom.

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2161 days ago

I get a hair cut in #Bahrain roundabout: It's now a city with all amenities. Even freedom.


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dedicatedreamer 2156 days ago

Can't picture you ever getting a haircut in a pro-reform/anti-overthrow rally. Propagandist. :)

susienace 2161 days ago

oh dear. I was going to tell my son his hair should be as long as yours. Glad no violence today.

xgrafix 2161 days ago

: You're wrong I know Bahrainies who work that job

phijef 2161 days ago

Not only does Bahrain have a problem with human rights, but also bigotry

enbalkind1 2161 days ago

Fantastic Haircut. What a place to have your hair done. Did you have to wait a long time?

iZahri 2161 days ago

.. of them works as barber, why u no and we yes? Just be fair!

iZahri 2161 days ago

Do u think u the only one who educated here? There are many educated ppl but they are deprived from getting their right and entering the field they want to, just bcuz they're not like ur kind. Many of ur ppl not certified, not educated but nobody

bahrania1 2161 days ago

Thanks for your reliable articles about Bahrain. Go ahead, we need writers like you. Don't care about people who try to frustrate you.

RazanAbdulaal 2161 days ago

: Kindly refrain from making ignorant judgments. You are out of this delicate situation that is tearing our country apart, and we would prefer it if you stayed that way.

RazanAbdulaal 2161 days ago

Bear in mind that the conflict on this page between Bahraini and Bahraini is being instigated by a person who has nothing to do with Bahrain. This is not who we are as Bahrainis. We stick together.

RazanAbdulaal 2161 days ago

, : Your education level is clearly not up to standard since you resort to insults rather than facts. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, without name calling. Just goes to show the caliber of people fighting for their so called rig

UM_SARA 2161 days ago

In my country"bahrain" when finished cuting hair we say "na'aman"
so,, na'aman for u nick

saneya 2161 days ago

, yes I would love to take his job, I would love to take an employment opportunity that fits my education level! but currently since I made the most of the educational opportunities offered to me..I am studying to enter another field..thank you for

iMonsterette 2161 days ago

saneya FYPI (P for poor) they dont mind those jobs many work as doormen & cleaners why not barbers?

iMonsterette 2161 days ago

the majorty of them hold university degrees obviously smarter than u how else wud they know thier rights

Dooora2 2161 days ago

Thank u for ur creditabilty and reallabity

hate_menot 2161 days ago

Since when have so called "Patriotic Bahrainis" been making a fan page for a lying american journalist who has blackened the reputation of your beloved country? Yeah of course why not if he's helping them get there lie...s across the United States and the

hate_menot 2161 days ago

But i have faith in people with sensible minds; who take a minute before believing written words by "Nicholas Kristof" who is infamous for things he writes about Bahrain. I have one question to a man with such a contemplative mind like yours...where do yo

iZahri 2161 days ago

Why not you go and take the Indian job? Why not one of your family, your brother or your father? Heh, go wash your face a7san!

hate_menot 2161 days ago

Twitter, facebook, and the few traitorous, uneducated, and misanthropic part of the society - which i hate to even refer or characterize as part of the "society". Yeah Nick i got to hand it to you - great reliable sources you got there. I just wonder what