Nicholas Kristof


New York Times columnist, two-time Pulitzer Prize winner, co-author Half the Sky,

As this pic shows, women central to #Bahrain protests from beginning, holding up "half the sky."

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2192 days ago

As this pic shows, women central to #Bahrain protests from beginning, holding up "half the sky."


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Hotbos81 2191 days ago

, before you go somewhere, LEARN AND UNDERSTAND. You have fed the world with crooked information. You have supplied the world with a false image of the Bahrain situation. You have failed to report, like other media,on the overwhelming pro-ki

AliBahrani11 2191 days ago

very are human rights now.

AliBahrani11 2191 days ago

very good trick played by NickKristof showing women. ask him video he shoot this afternoon of kids.

kckitty 2191 days ago

Awesome! Stay strong and brave! Women in America support you!

Cheynelightning 2191 days ago

Wonderful to see this! The women of America are sending you blessings and good thoughts! Fight!

McKGraKucPauNad 2191 days ago

corrupt bloodthirsty puppet government

dmgannon 2191 days ago

"Hell hath no fury...".

darhcsalk24 2191 days ago

not all of these women are his wife u moron idiot these are his mom grand mom sisters ants his family
not his wife i really think that you don't know Bahrain coz you such an idiot

Muzafari 2191 days ago

they are nt just women they are mothers and sisters! I and the whole world watching are proud to see them, whoever speaks less of them and are at shelter of their home, know they are complete and they do deserve to be heard. Unless u lack respect to mothe

rahes23 2191 days ago

very true said (guiletruud) these people just know to marry 10, 15 womens make them pregnant in few months and leave them and when they are not able to feed their huge family they come on roads and protest.

m_alqatari 2192 days ago

To /sbushager:
Pictures don't lie..

bualialaradi 2192 days ago

shame on you sbushager not on as or on the free men and women of the world

Mangoo_Man 2192 days ago

Wil ths women protest whn expats r burned or tyres are burned & public property damaged in bahrain?

sbushager 2192 days ago

liars that what we know about u?! shame on u ppl..

kitpete52 2192 days ago

You go, women of Bahrain! Signed, seeking 2b free from corporatist hegemons in USA!

Batool_S_Bader 2192 days ago

brave, thats what our government didnt know about us

slenderbutter 2192 days ago

Wise power of women, has always been key in any social movement. Without us, there's no heart!

TarikuG 2192 days ago

They are all brave women. History shall remember their contribution for democracy in the Gulf.