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Robot builder, modelmaker and television host on Mythbusters.

Showin' off my awesome @AbbyShot coat. #DoctorWho #gally

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1951 days ago

Showin' off my awesome coat. #DoctorWho #gally


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coniks2 1941 days ago

So nice. But no brainy specs....

maxqnz 1946 days ago

Number 12, for sure!

mrsmontypython 1946 days ago

you have gotten the nerdfighters attention.....good job, you look awesome

BloodForcTrauma 1947 days ago

I can't wait to see this episode. I love watching the vids on the site!!

piogal34 1948 days ago

You are now the coolest Mythbuster. It's decided!

The10thtimelord 1948 days ago

Simply Awesome Grant Tennant was my favorite as well I dig Smith tho he is gaining speed lol

chrisfeyrer 1948 days ago

Tennant styling and Eccleston attitude, looks like. :)

SuzeeToo 1948 days ago

Way cool!!!

CoyotiRabiit 1949 days ago

Love The Doctor, if you had a less serious face you could probly pull it off (forget ethenicity)

MarianoBryant 1949 days ago


SoAngieWrites 1950 days ago

Looks AWESOME!!!

wakelym 1951 days ago

So... where can I get spare parts for my TARDIS?

JenGon 1951 days ago

all I can seem to say is "nerdgasm" if that is even a term.

Jonathan__Cohn 1951 days ago

When it comes time for the 12th Doctor, we now know who to call

GillianBear 1951 days ago

You are so much cooler than I ever imagined. And kudos on getting the hair right.

birdcagequincy 1951 days ago

Dude, I have never been this jealous of someone in my entire life.

neonskellington 1951 days ago

where are you gallifre 1?

ArnicaxRoss 1951 days ago

you, sir, are a nerds nerd and I salute you!

tbandcompany 1951 days ago

LUKE use the force . . .

Nerd4L 1951 days ago