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No "Episode IV", no Jabba, no Biggs, Han shoots first (only).

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1563 days ago

No "Episode IV", no Jabba, no Biggs, Han shoots first (only).


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Seireinoryu 1537 days ago

That's not a light sabre, it's clearly the Imperial blaster rifle from the trooper on the D.S.

Lord_Kayne 1563 days ago

cept that one was blue not red. That must be Obi Wan's head laser he has grabbed :)

jsbovitz 1563 days ago

he did use one on Hoth to cut open the tauntaun to keep Luke warm.

Don_Barbee 1563 days ago

Sorry guys. He's both hands on his blaster!

ERN_Malleyscrub 1563 days ago

Well spotted Slaybox, Han Solo never used a light sabre in Star Wars! Infamy!

BoffoYuxDudes 1563 days ago

Slaybox - No. He's just happy to see you!

Slaybox 1563 days ago

is that a lightsabre in Hans hands???