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Open Letter from WBC to Anonymous: Bring it!

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1500 days ago

Open Letter from WBC to Anonymous: Bring it!


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wrightman690 1494 days ago

Jester is kicking your ass.

thelastshow 1498 days ago

Anonymous seems to be having success. isn't loading. YES!

thelastshow 1499 days ago

Wow. You Westboro people get around: the Grammys, the Superbowl, fun in NYC. All for "righteousness?" I'm thinking for your own pleasure on someone else's donated dime: your hate activities are but a smokescreen. Mmmmm.

tmountjr 1499 days ago

Your sites are very slow tonight. It seems Anonymous is "bringing it" per your request. Do enjoy.

kimberryclaire 1499 days ago

"Preachments: A tiresome or unwelcome moral lecture or discourse; tedious sermonizing." oh, the irony.

s427 1499 days ago

I guess a bad miscalculation is a good calculation. :-D

Jakooboo 1499 days ago

I'm not a fan of Anon, but you've kicked the metaphorical hornet's nest.

hayleyswin 1499 days ago

let's just take a min & compare the diction of the 2 letters. now let's consider how that might translate to IQ.

burgundygurl 1499 days ago

Too bad the WBC has gone out of their way to make Christians look bad--for way too long.

Sarah__Bellum 1499 days ago

If God existed she would be happy 2 C justice carried out on corrupt corperations, & probably help

Sarah__Bellum 1499 days ago

"bad miscalculation, girls!" used as an insult, you think men are better than women? sexist morons

Sarah__Bellum 1499 days ago

these people carry such hate in their hearts they need 'real' christians to prey for them

Sarah__Bellum 1499 days ago

Anyone who says 'God hates fags' does not know God

laws632 1499 days ago

ALL thieves and pimple faced nerd hackers will have their place in the Lake o' FIRE! Rev 21:8.

WoogieBean 1499 days ago

HAHA they have no idea what they're getting themselves into.

verginus 1499 days ago

LOL God is not on-line now?

a1049 1499 days ago

#Anonymous hacked God's databases. Guess who's going to hell now! #Fail! Game over. You loose!

marquisofmanga 1499 days ago

I'm gay

HunsV 1499 days ago


ERN_Malleyscrub 1499 days ago

Well, I realise now how wrong I've been. Hackers bad, Bible good. Okay. Thanks Hate Mongers.