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my newest creation don't know what I should call it... give suggestions 8D #TwitPict

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2117 days ago

my newest creation don't know what I should call it... give suggestions 8D #TwitPict


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Crossitinus 2099 days ago

how did you do that did you draw that in paint or real and picture it!!!

IrwinBernassola 2110 days ago

email me at: nicehornygirl (=at=) hotmail.com i got lots of sexy pics i am just dying to show off.

AQWDrakonus 2111 days ago

really cool the armor around the face fits a lil weird tho

Revontheus 2112 days ago

UPDATE: in honor of the name shall be called fiend of the apocalypse And oh yea in honor of

Berapp 2112 days ago

what about the name :Nightshade?

Sondso 2112 days ago

that face looks like something from bleach

XamioStone 2113 days ago

I would like to animate that o.o

LancellAE 2114 days ago

Looks awesome! Good detail and everything, to bad dage and miltonius took all the good names for this kinda armor xD

Nautobleach 2114 days ago

hey pal, can y flash it? it looks so awesome!!!

AQWkoomoota 2115 days ago

You make me feel so small and insignificant.

veneeria 2115 days ago

you just gotta love the smile....

Volknerbruno 2115 days ago

ooo! ooo! Severe Sea Tyrantine!

Nick_Like_Pie 2116 days ago

Undead Feind of the Sea or just Feind of the Sea

ReddyTheCat 2117 days ago

Idk about the chest though, looks a little... not along the theme of the armour? Kind of too straight plate-like...

ReddyTheCat 2117 days ago

Cool dude, really uh.... boney... Sort of reminds me of like a deep-sea fish :P

Emil_holmenAQW 2117 days ago

turtle turtle turtle XD

supersnert_AQ 2117 days ago


Emil_holmenAQW 2117 days ago

Fiend of turtle

stealthycupcake 2117 days ago

Ragnarok Armor? Armageddon armor? Fiend of the Apocalypse?

Cabreirao 2117 days ago