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I'm out of practice so practice I must. More of my figure studies... turned into Ghouls!

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1473 days ago

I'm out of practice so practice I must. More of my figure studies... turned into Ghouls!


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SanityAE 1376 days ago

The body formations censor its "private parts" out right? :o

thorolok 1448 days ago

Next time put an underwear on :P

Rinma_AQW 1468 days ago

This looks fantastic. I love the expressions and body formations. Great job Miltonius.

Zero_HF 1470 days ago


Dan_X_Doa 1470 days ago

I have 1 Voucher Of Miltonius (non-mem),46 Dark Crystal Shards,50 Tainted Gems,3 Diamonds = 1 Contract x1 for Bloodletters.Pls delete my reagents and give me my lost bloodletters someone hacked my account and deleted i ='(

deadmAE 1470 days ago

do you think that i could buy the bloodletters off you for real money like £20

guiltius 1471 days ago

they look a bit like gollum to me milton. but i like what your doing, is this just pen and sketch?

Aqwnewslicertaj 1471 days ago

beteerrrrrrrrrrrrrr XD

madness411 1472 days ago

I think your the last person who needs practice but we enjoy watching you do it.

Icymuffins 1472 days ago

Ghoul of Miltonius :o

LordSlayR 1472 days ago

Looks cool, Does the left sided Ghoul have a pony tail?

DukeyHazard 1472 days ago

It amazes me to see that whatever you can imagine, you can instantly draw with accuracy...dammmm

jhunrickcalva 1473 days ago


ZanaThirteen 1473 days ago

that first one reminds me of a demon spiderman, and that second one reminds me of my ex wife. ikeed.

ZorouaAE 1473 days ago

these are Demon`s =O

Zakristone 1473 days ago

You drew this 11 minutes after I woke up... :P

Bladebrawl 1473 days ago

Nice! your really showing off your true abilities. cool poses and cool monsters man.

petermcmuffin_ 1473 days ago

got his inspirations from paris hilton ZING!

BurstGB 1473 days ago


DoctorKnives 1473 days ago

Nice very nice indeed.