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New York Times columnist, two-time Pulitzer Prize winner, co-author Half the Sky,

And here's me in the roundabout. Many Bahrainis thanked me for my work; makes me feel grt as a journalist.

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1474 days ago

And here's me in the roundabout. Many Bahrainis thanked me for my work; makes me feel grt as a journalist.


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4RAED 1448 days ago

hey Nick ! no more PEARL roundabout it got removed by the Gov
ppl r OKay

chinaguru 1472 days ago

we all owe you debtitude.

3atab 1473 days ago

thank you , you did great and humanity jop may god bless you

xgrafix 1473 days ago

A special thanks from a Bahraini to you, may our god bless you

XOXLadyLibraxox 1473 days ago

Where were U all these years? Thank U 4 yr AMAZING work+risking yr life for us. I LOVE YOU. Keep SAFE and may God watch over U where ever your travels take you xoxxoxoxooxxoxoxoxoxo

Noormjf 1473 days ago

U r a big man in our eyes, don't listen to these people, They cannot admit the truth coz they feel shame

humzahyaz 1473 days ago

and you my friend deserve all the compliments for all your great work..

UM_SARA 1474 days ago

u do alot for us
we have to thank u

assa_leman 1474 days ago

I wiil thank you when saying the TRUE

human_only 1474 days ago

you are great, wonderful.. thanks a lot
keep doing the right things, you are doing all your best!

Zahra_Alkhalaf 1474 days ago

cause we need journalists like u .. thnx again

Batool_S_Bader 1474 days ago

i wanted to see u and thank u... tough luck i guess

Khalidyhb 1474 days ago

iam bahraini and iam sheeaee and i don't like what this people doing coz they lying

Khalidyhb 1474 days ago

shame on u Please write the facts ...

amlas7 1474 days ago

thanxx you for being here and for your powerful coverage .. Keep it up (Y)

Abdibashir 1474 days ago

It is great that this days you post more pictures in your tweets. Keep up the good job

sbushager 1474 days ago

and many bahraini dissatisfied of wht r u doin, encouraging terrorists!! plz feel shame

KathrynSLP 1474 days ago

I deeply appreciate the work you are doing! Tell the Bahrainis that our hearts are with them!

dubai7stars 1474 days ago

We salute your courage - your standing against media blackout.
Thank you for "tweeting" in real time - thank you for keeping all of us, who are far away all over the world, update.

BadriyaM 1474 days ago

Thank you very much Mr.Kristof
may God bless you :)