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A hopeful sign i just photographed in the roundabout. #Bahrain

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1896 days ago

A hopeful sign i just photographed in the roundabout. #Bahrain


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SchezKahn 1896 days ago

Machallah...May ALLAH swt bless the Unity against the tyrant ruler!!!

fredwillie460 1896 days ago

makes a change from seeing this

rt_luckdragon 1896 days ago

I see. It's the truth.

iAmmar 1896 days ago

love it......

Cheynelightning 1896 days ago

Love it! Please tell them we in America are watching and hoping for peace with them!

Hasanalkhalifa 1896 days ago

there is never a religious problem.
it is the governments who tern each side on each other.
#Bahrain government is trying to turn sunni against Shia.
this reminds me of Alexandria bomb(executed by the previous Egyptian regime) to tern Christians against m

MsNomadRunner 1896 days ago

I love it!

bluereflex 1896 days ago

Enough said. #bahrain #gcc

ottosois 1896 days ago

"... a REAL Constitutional Monarchy" – Let’s hope that their dreams come through.

GurlOnLine_91 1896 days ago

this is the truth

AnnaJune2011 1896 days ago

yes, broadcast peaceful....

CynthiaY29 1896 days ago

RT A hopeful sign i just photographed in the roundabout. #Bahrain

ahalatif 1896 days ago

This are the Bahraini people, Shiie and Sunni , are peaceful. The world is watching, go on broadcast your peaceful needs. do not give up . you are on the write track.
هذا هو شعب البحرين الطيب المتسامح . شيعة و سنة لا تتوقفوا حتى تلبى مطالبكم . كل العالم ي

AIDSPol 1896 days ago

Great sign. Also love the lady in the aviator sunglasses. :)

ToneyBrooks 1896 days ago

Unity not division. Truth not propaganda. Democracy not tyranny. The King is toast.

RAHAR06 1896 days ago

Nick, ppl of BAH r LUCKY you were there. Thanks and GOD BLESS YOU.

anellah 1896 days ago

Stand strong.

BellaBehold 1896 days ago

The world is watching, don't give up!

lindabutterfly 1896 days ago

So full of hope and courage. Sends the right message to all.

mrc0201 1896 days ago

Beautiful! On so many levels.