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New York Times columnist, two-time Pulitzer Prize winner, co-author Half the Sky,

I shot this after protesters reentered the roundabout. The sign offers good advice for the king.

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1956 days ago

I shot this after protesters reentered the roundabout. The sign offers good advice for the king.


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zafferooni 1956 days ago

not just Shiites, but also Sunnis and secular-minded Bahrainis all standing together for justice!

TarikuG 1956 days ago

I hope the King and his cronies get the message this time.

umesh1989 1956 days ago

Power to the Brave Shi'a People of Bahrain!

Umesh Heendeniya
Massachusetts, USA.

Ba7Aussie 1956 days ago

Moayyed ..
"No one in Bahrain wants the king to leave" ... Seriously?
Nick, thank you. Im living outside bahrain at the moment and all your tweets are helping, ALOT.

LouMakeItSo 1956 days ago

Mr. Kristof, you are kicking ass! Great writing. You're crazy working in that chaos. Keep it up!

RAHAR06 1956 days ago

People who arranged for petition against you should READ this pic not only SEE :)

pengraiggoch 1956 days ago

I enjoy reading your reports, I am sure they are very important.

Janet1725 1956 days ago

I am sorry Zenab..stop spreading wrong rumors..i live in Hamad Town myself and have seen them going back..

sbushager 1956 days ago

my advice c th right way before u give it !! copy this "أحرار البحرين" n paste it on youtube to c th real ppl

AlyzabethM 1956 days ago

Good advice indeed.

abdullatif69 1956 days ago

Wonderful shot Nick, Thank you very much (:

Moayyed 1956 days ago

No one in Bahrain wants the King to leave. Nick, we'd have expected more responsible reporting from you.

Amal_EngTeacher 1956 days ago

LMAO Great job! Don't worry about their complains, they're goin down & ppl of #Bahrain <3 u

davescire 1956 days ago

AMEN...from your camera to God's ears!

valderthay 1956 days ago

and how exactly is that non biased reporing?

ZenabTareef 1956 days ago

Hurraaaayyy ~ I was there !!!
I heard that tanks are hiding behind city center and are planning an attack .. please Allah protect my people ..

benloconnor1990 1956 days ago

better sign would of been Exit now !