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Photo From Egypt: "Egypt Supports Wisconsin Workers."

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1153 days ago

Photo From Egypt: "Egypt Supports Wisconsin Workers."


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fixthebroke 905 days ago

this pic made it into this video:

TheVoleAnon 1134 days ago

A+ from anon, really cool to see this!

ImagineNation76 1143 days ago

Wow, that is just beautiful!

dannobot 1143 days ago

I just got chills

Maywian 1144 days ago

Great Pic ! :)
Go on, we're all with you.

vclamp 1145 days ago

Thank you Egypt! Good luck with your reforms. There is a long road ahead of you. Keep the People awake. Walker has always been a douchebag, but too many Wisconsin voters denied the obvious. :(

Mein_Lebensraum 1148 days ago

Korean people also zola supports wisconsin workers with Great Egypt PEOPLE.
Go Lybian People GO!!!

squarehead1975 1148 days ago

korea supprts wisconsin workers

duckyjd 1149 days ago

Wisconsin supports Egypt, too!

MontyKroopkin 1150 days ago

yeah. once upon a time the workers in the U.S. asked workers all around the world to join in a fight for the eight hour day. they did. today we celebrate it all over the world as May Day.

klmeier 1150 days ago

Thank you, Egypt!

tamanosou 1150 days ago

Thrilled to hear about Egypt's continued democratic success. Nice to know they support us too.

jay_kaykay 1150 days ago

Hi there, I'm from CNN. Would love to get some info from you on this picture. Pls msg me, thanks!

Anahrah 1150 days ago

Thank you! We support your fight as well!

jennifernowicki 1151 days ago

From a Wisconsinite, we love you. Thanks for the support and congrats on your victory

lopabasu 1151 days ago

Thanks from a Wisconsin worker!

Zahifito 1151 days ago

:) Beautiful :)

lmkirk1 1151 days ago

Power to the people!

leftylabourtech 1151 days ago

Same struggle, same fight! Workers of the world unite!

skatoolaki 1151 days ago

Wow, now that is powerful. Long time since foreign countries supported the U.S. in anything