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I made this comic about Doctor Who because I've never seen it #imagination

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2013 days ago

I made this comic about Doctor Who because I've never seen it #imagination


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the_leaky_pen 1615 days ago

Ahahaha, that is brilliant and thoroughly accurate. <3

Pythosblaze 1777 days ago

I'm not sure you understand how great this is. Except Doctor Who is like 20 yrs older than Bill & Ted.

aiuto 1798 days ago


Cehrazad 1975 days ago


dariennecn 1992 days ago

This is unsurprisingly accurate.

ALT3R 2003 days ago

as a doctor who Fan i can say this is very accurate

KatineMaffao 2004 days ago

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ErrantBeast 2004 days ago

Glad to hear I'm not the only one who's not seen Dr Who. Seriously, it all sounds pretty ridiculous.

CATHARSlS 2008 days ago

lmao is this what dr. who really is all about?

carmenning 2009 days ago

Probably the best Doctor Who parody comic ever.

TPRJones 2009 days ago

The thought that you have not seen Doctor Who makes me cry a little. I hope you will fix that soon. :(

scatteringashes 2009 days ago

OMG This made me laugh -- "Let's go home, I guess!" More or less what I imagined before I saw #DoctorWho

timelyUndead 2010 days ago

Kate, when you start watching Doctor Who, you must start with Eccleston. He looks like Dumbo

issyvb 2010 days ago

haha this is great, i'm a huge fan so it's great to see it in this context! #doctorwho

mdschill 2011 days ago

Oh dear, Kate.

newengland32 2011 days ago

This is eerily accurate

miskurat 2012 days ago

Fantastic! Now i guess you have almost 50 years od DW to catch.

stphjay 2012 days ago

Cute! But Kate. Watch Doctor Who.

SoAngieWrites 2012 days ago

Well done! Love the trash bin robots! WOOT!

wildcat_media 2012 days ago

For never having seen Doctor Who, this is fantastic!