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Let's Be Friends! ^_^

How do you like it?

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1923 days ago

How do you like it?


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unoclay 1653 days ago

So....just got here. Is this happening, or is it a canceled project?

Manic111 1895 days ago

Can you ship to Europe? If so, I'd donate $50 on the spot (inclusive of shipping)

MrChacksie 1896 days ago

Are you kidding me? I love it!

sundin0013 1898 days ago

So...where do i get one of these?

frankiesamba 1898 days ago

Think of it as donating money to Japan who actually needs the money, and getting a free shirt in return

Alex_W12312 1898 days ago

I could spend $20 on that. Maybe $25. Not including shipping.

Zranoll 1898 days ago

I love it and would be willing to spend about 15 with hopefully no shipping costs

Fiftybottles 1913 days ago

I want one. No, scratch that, I NEED one.