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Boardwalk empire. Name it! #spacegeo

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1292 days ago

Boardwalk empire. Name it! #spacegeo


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SaritaCossignan 1282 days ago

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AurthurScarsini 1283 days ago

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Waiama 1283 days ago

No doubt it is NYC. There is Manhattan, Rockaway, Coney Island, Staten Island and and and

MattFiedler 1286 days ago

This is definitely NYC not AC. Sorry but someone goofed.

Fezman92 1286 days ago

So it was AC. Looks a lot different from space. I feel a bit stupid because I live an hour away

Ravi_Sharma2508 1286 days ago

its new york...

1galaxygoddess1 1288 days ago

Happy Belated Birthday, Commander Kelly!! :) What a way to spend your day!

Panache556 1288 days ago

Manhattan Island,US

Fezman92 1288 days ago

Plus AC does not look even close to this photo. Not enough marshlands and to many bridges

Fezman92 1288 days ago

It's not AC. I live an hour from AC and have been there a few times. AC area isn't that bright

GeneByrne 1289 days ago

You can see Central Park from here

bunky1963bunky 1290 days ago

I see Coney Island!

Data2364 1290 days ago

wow,very nice picture,thank you!

mtpinebeetle 1290 days ago

Boardwalks 1st built in NJ and EmpireState Building built in NY.

LuisaNievesIna 1290 days ago

Beautiful picture of New York, known as "the city that never sleeps. "

mtpinebeetle 1291 days ago

New Jersey, (including Jersey City, Bayonne, Ft Lee), New York City, and Long Island, Mary Ann Chambers, former Bayonne Bee! Now Colorado Beetle

Kickalien 1291 days ago

New York. ...wonderful Empire State! ...nice view!

Oward_Hughes 1291 days ago

I would be tented by Boston ?

Oward_Hughes 1291 days ago

Thank you very much Commander, the quality is uncredible, bu my ignorance is still bigger !

Geshiela 1291 days ago

wow! really crispy nightshot!