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How I've been communicating in Spain

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1698 days ago

How I've been communicating in Spain


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Alicetqfah 1677 days ago

sweet pic read this artcle I just got an ipad for like $20 http://cuteurl.info/?orqDS

TuTall89 1697 days ago

that is just awesome lol

anku94 1697 days ago

Ha ha, I always wondered why people didn't use that. With a text-to-speech utility.

CaptainJak 1697 days ago

CaptainJak 1697 days ago

Just U weight... Bell is gonna get ya...

johnkey2010 1697 days ago

I hope you found the celery stick, pronto. These devices are very handy for such emergency situations.

EVANSCHILL17 1698 days ago

justine can u follow me please?!?!?
i love you

dvrcdntbrkn 1698 days ago

If you had an Android, you could use Google Translate with voice to do real time translation and have it speak in Spanish for you. It's pretty amazing.

BetitoPodrido 1698 days ago

I do not understand =(

iHeatherStraa 1698 days ago

lol aw. whatever works. ♥

BigBad_John 1698 days ago

hahaahahahahahaahahaha I can't breathe awwwwwww nawww hahahaha ahahaha ahahahahahahahahaha.

pink_mike 1698 days ago

What does this mean? * tu menor rabia *?

aboutmeJoey 1698 days ago

Hahahahaha you should use another traductor. Saludos desde España :)

fun6001 1698 days ago

lol celery stick?

donovantwaddle 1698 days ago

Haha! Nice. I use iTranslate for iPhone. (That's a lotta i's)

Kmus2089 1698 days ago

Donde puedo encontrar el más cercano celery stick? Espero que te este yendo bien en España xD

perpomu12 1698 days ago

its a app for the iphone?

OWndCrew 1698 days ago


kayley_homden 1698 days ago