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...for the heart is an organ of fire...

They just don't make bands like they used to anymore...

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1657 days ago

They just don't make bands like they used to anymore...


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porcoamarelo 1650 days ago

AWESOME. I agree.

JLYNND3 1656 days ago

Love this! It's so more relaxed then some of the albums we have now. lol :P

Gabbylostboy 1656 days ago

Spanish 80s hard rock band...take a look: Sangre Azul ``Mil y una Noches¨http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FWsHjiogbP8&feature=fvst

Gabbylostboy 1656 days ago

long live 80s metal!!! they used to made music for have fun!!! :)

dianabbrasil 1657 days ago

Totally with you, Kat. I'm so attached to the bands from the past.Better music and curious style. Loooove!

MarkRosman 1657 days ago

They look like Steel Panther

andreamafer 1657 days ago

hahahah they have style!

CageFarcry 1657 days ago

haha Jesus

erikwikstrm 1657 days ago

It looks like THE rainbow made out with the other rainbow. Hell yah, We're comin'!

usmc_semperfi 1657 days ago


MICHAEL_MOONEY_ 1657 days ago

Oh my God !!!

KeekLOLOL 1657 days ago

ahahahahaha! oh my gosh xD thats a snazzy line.. possibly a bad pick up line?? "hey are you going to the party tonight?" "Well if it's in your mouth...I'm coming" ;)

sonnyhancock 1657 days ago

Thank God.

katiemonster12 1657 days ago

i like it :)

PhyllApathy 1657 days ago

This seems wrong on so many levels but it's oh so right,