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Tweeting with my boy Walter on a thursday night.

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1521 days ago

Tweeting with my boy Walter on a thursday night.


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Bubbasthirdchin 1358 days ago

Howard what size shoe do you where?

ErikBoardwine 1372 days ago

howard your the best thing on my radio thank you for all the hard work and damnit get robin to show them tittys

AmazingBethO 1396 days ago

Die old man, take your lover Ralph with you. I want that fortune to myself tee hee.

donstroup 1399 days ago

Walter looks like "my boy"!his name is Plunkett.always call him ma boy or buddy.

Kevsters 1412 days ago

Nice pussy Howard.

scruddy67 1420 days ago

Love the sweet side of you! Thanks for the "glimpse" ;)

kgfloyd 1421 days ago

Cats are cool!
Check out this video.

actionjackosn 1424 days ago

You both look very comfortable but how did u photoshop Fergie's neck onto yours?

lovelylmm 1425 days ago

Luv Walter. He looks like my max. Want to send a pic but don't know how! Lol

RabbiSean 1427 days ago

That is so nice. Love the Cat. Pets are the best friends, really!

KcChildsx 1428 days ago

is twat the verb or the noun here -big fan

andreacarlton 1430 days ago

that is too cute.

julianldrake 1436 days ago

It is good to be the KING!

h2al 1440 days ago

what a couch great color fine texture.

KurtCharlie 1442 days ago

You resemble my 92 year old Norwegian Grandmother.

frog60 1444 days ago

Funny pic

kaking211 1456 days ago

Howard, I don't know who looks more content; you or Walter. Love this pic. Thx for posting.

tizwicky2009 1456 days ago

Glad to see that Your Learning to Relax!!!! Walter is looking like he hit the lucky cat lottery.

picsbypaul 1458 days ago

Thanks for sharing.

jenjae 1458 days ago

U have become quite handsome as you've matured. U seem at ease with yourself & confident. Sexy!