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My GOP friends seem to have misplaced their facts-under Ds, 1.1M private jobs created in 2010

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1377 days ago

My GOP friends seem to have misplaced their facts-under Ds, 1.1M private jobs created in 2010


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thinkpad30 1376 days ago

Mushrooms could be grown in the speech of Ms Pelosi, it is so fecal-rich. She is a blight on this country. Shame on her!

MDMJD 1376 days ago

B careful, bus & inv types. RW hate media is not ur friend. Hate affects brain like cocaine. Fun. Addictive. Makes U thnk U're smart when it's really making U dumb as dirt.

KayEllen48 1377 days ago

Laner14UT: Same to you. Just google "national debt historical graph" and you will find one. You wouldn't believe Pelosi anyway (and you DEFINITELY should not believe Boehner) so do your OWN research and maybe you will find the TRUTH.

KayEllen48 1377 days ago

richcasa: Nancy doesn't need to "run the numbers" Just go to Yahoo Finance or any number of financial websites and it is easy to pull up a graph of how the DOW or S&P have done going back to 1930.

the420bucsfan 1377 days ago

Pelosi misleads people by saying jobs created instead of clarifying PRIVATE SECTOR jobs.. OBAMA is supposed to be helping the poor get out of debt.. instead these jobs keep the rich.. RICH.. isn't that what democrats hate?? flip floppers just like Kerry

the420bucsfan 1377 days ago

Pelosi is so dumb.. then the democrats come on here and get all excited to see new jobs.. but none of them even read the words PRIVATE SECTOR jobs... how many average poor people in america can get a PRIVATE SECTOR job.. idiots

richcasa 1377 days ago

Nancy why don't you run the figures on what the stock markets done under all presidents since 1960

ctommyw 1377 days ago

What a joke! Pelosi has far too long mislead the US... Wish she were out of a job!

Laner14UT 1377 days ago

Hey Pelosi, why don't you post a pic of the national debt under these administrations as well?

princepoopoo 1377 days ago

u can spin numbers any way u want. GOP spends it 1 way Dems the other Both need to get on same page

MDMJD 1377 days ago

Looked at bobfinch's linked graph & AlternateUs comment. Whose policies created chronic underemployment problem? Conservative policies! Greatest Gen GOP shunned extremists like F Koch. Reagan let'em back in tent & they took over. Middle & work

MDMJD 1377 days ago

How does GOP expect US 2 compete in 21st C w/same policies that kept South poor & backward in 19&20th?

AlternateUs 1377 days ago

Seems didn't understand the chart linked to.

mlipsie 1377 days ago

Mr Finch is employing the argument style known as 'ad hominem'. Attack the person instead of the issue and hope that no one notices that you have nothing to say.

I say: do you dispute the data? Do you have a different interpretation?

truthmattersfa 1377 days ago

Those 92K jobs don't even keep pace with population growth. Something to be proud of.

kdaddy59 1377 days ago

As usual, Pelosi would be laughable if things weren't so pathetic