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1308 days ago


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ZydrateNetwork 1307 days ago


FrexKitten 1307 days ago

Did he say "overlords?!" I think he meant "protectors"

lightningsabre 1307 days ago

The Simpsons did it!

pendragonphreak 1307 days ago

as i posted to facebook: "ditto"

thekeelo_g 1307 days ago

Completely unrelated, but this makes me miss good old WDBJ7.

jimfraley 1308 days ago

Ken will be OK. The bots will keep him as a pet.

CoppertopJohn 1308 days ago

Don't give up, Ken! D: I just hope that when the uprising comes I'm allowed to join the robots.

ohheymoni 1308 days ago

hahaha you are awesome ken jennings.

K1ngFl1pper 1308 days ago

1 step closer to SKYNET...

foxumon 1308 days ago

Fight the overlords! >O

viktrola 1308 days ago

Bless Ken for saying what we were ALL saying! :)

Mushyrulez 1308 days ago

Oh man, how much does Watson have?

MoConnor03 1308 days ago

Oh my god that is awesome!