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Robot builder, modelmaker and television host on Mythbusters.

Human popsicle myth: confirmed! #fromset #Mythbusters

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1690 days ago

Human popsicle myth: confirmed! #fromset #Mythbusters


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78ruger 1687 days ago

Popsicles? No poopsicles? That's not a myth. haha

MarianoBryant 1690 days ago


ofdjersey 1690 days ago

looks like here in alberta right now

aballing89 1690 days ago

We're off to see the blizzard! The wonderful blizzard of Oz...

downhomesunset 1690 days ago

Don't complain-try living this weather for 5 months a year!

Icesnake1950 1690 days ago

Cherry, Lime, and Licorice. Doesn't everyone love licorice popsicles? Yeah, me neither.

Lisana 1690 days ago

Cherry, Lime and ???

SteveBrandonOTT 1690 days ago

I like that Tory is too cool to cover his mouth with a scarf.

direspawn 1690 days ago

Either Grant put on a good 75 lbs. or that's a tremendously thick coat.

LadyNiko 1690 days ago

How much snow have you gotten since getting to your location today?

lastcrazyhorn 1690 days ago

better you than me

kevink61 1690 days ago

What's the temp?

lbuhler 1690 days ago

This is a common during a Canadian winter, being a human popsicle comes every year.

Brian_Lutz 1690 days ago

When are you going to test falling in a frozen lake and coming out in a solid block of ice?

brian_d_miller 1690 days ago


Shane_70 1690 days ago

where's a dead taun taun when you need one?

AngieTread 1690 days ago

Ha! The life of a scientist! :)

PatsBard 1690 days ago

Cherry, lime, and licorice, I believe.

Herbert_Prime 1690 days ago

Echo 3 to Echo 7, Grant old buddy, do you read me?

blazerrose 1690 days ago

Looks cold, but also looks fun!