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Hey all, Kal here sitting w/ the health reform team, send your #hcr Qs our way

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1928 days ago

Hey all, Kal here sitting w/ the health reform team, send your #hcr Qs our way


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TSkubis 1908 days ago

um....clean your desk....and no beverages by the computer...

Castigatore84 1922 days ago

in italy we pay nothing for health care... only 13 euro for a ticket...

logger08 1928 days ago

Currently paying over $1100.00 mo for health care insurance for my wife and me through our states high risk pool and it covers nothing. No R/X, no copay. So when will so relief be coming????

TheLittleFae 1928 days ago

What will the health care bill do for the acess and research in psychotherapy?

ebchampion 1928 days ago

I left this question earlier, please respond! When will funds be available to small business to set up Wellness Programs, and how does a small business apply?

Vivaponyexpress 1928 days ago

if the public option were available wouldnt it be less burdensome on sba?

TXNTNS 1928 days ago

why R we not told much of HCR included exstg language? It's NOT 2000+ pages of CHANGE!!?

TXNTNS 1928 days ago

Pre-existing condition must be abolished or do a better job educating the public.

TXNTNS 1928 days ago

We R req to C DR! 4 care; why do payers qstn, 2nd-guess & demand chngs especially RX. Not right!

deweyadkinsjr 1928 days ago

Consider the msg from Egypt: dysfunctional leadership is no longer acceptable. Think Wizard of Oz.

Grracy 1928 days ago

We R SICK of paying large amounts of money for a policy the "HEALTH" ins. co. never intends 2 HONOR!

chidesterw 1928 days ago

I do not even pretend to understand the reforms, but those components that I do understand are very much needed. if our elected officials could refrain from politicizing something as vital as our citizens helath care, oh well I need to quit fanticising b

Grracy 1928 days ago

Tech question: Will you please consider a "vote" on some comments? I could vote on some great comments. (thanks.)

Grracy 1928 days ago

I want 2 know WHY, HC provided 2 Congress cannot be suspended? (Appears 2 B a lack of appreciation).

girlsplayinc 1928 days ago

able to use it,i have needed surgery for my injuries and they know it but like they said i needed to get on

SMott81 1928 days ago

health insurance laws to cover therapy?

SMott81 1928 days ago

Cost more to not help people with Autism become self sufficient through therapy. So why not pass

girlsplayinc 1928 days ago

just one company it is 2,like rest of us americans we pay alot of money to have coverage and not be

girlsplayinc 1928 days ago

or medicaid and was not going to pay no more of my doctor bills or reimburse me for my medicine,it not just

girlsplayinc 1928 days ago

sorry have to send in pieces but,i got injured on the job and insurance company told me to seek medicare