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Toronto Raptors Guard/Forward. Living my dream...

People ask me what I got for the dunk contest. Well Look lol

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1990 days ago

People ask me what I got for the dunk contest. Well Look lol


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_itsmeGucci 1985 days ago

we'll never see it now :(

donkjb 1985 days ago

Also... I remember that Dunkoff in Oak basically killed Carter's HOF career #heturnedprettyboysofty

donkjb 1985 days ago

Post it to Youtube or in some special dvd por favor-- u Gotz Robbed #StraightOuttaCompton !!!!!!!

ImMattJones 1986 days ago

for what it's worth, you had the best dunks in the contest, and I thought you should have made it to the finals/won

NamelessEmCee 1986 days ago

Now we'll never know...

Mitchiiee 1986 days ago

We would have seen this if he made it to the final :( damn judges

dmalc 1987 days ago

this idea is seriouss

desibyday909 1988 days ago

ummmmm lmfao i unno bout dis one lol if it works u win if not u may die lol

KidTreezzy 1989 days ago

Ur not serious about your legs..

See_Mundy 1990 days ago

Dunking off a ladder doesn't seem all that....oh wait, now I get it. You might be insane.

TB101791 1990 days ago

2 Words come to mind. Legs broken.

JoZeeey_ralph 1990 days ago

seriously.....................WOW good luck wit dat:)

C_Squared8 1990 days ago

what is that yellow thing suppose to be

atassios 1990 days ago

hahaha, demar derozan, you are UNREAL/
2011 Slam Dunk Champion and the new face of the Raptors franchise.

bballinbballer 1990 days ago

I know that pictures speak a thousand words...all that im getting from this is Whatttttt? :S !!!

_nooneshero 1990 days ago

i love you demar derozan. your my favorite player. i cant wait to see you kill it.

MoMan1998 1990 days ago

good game!!!

nathanel1 1990 days ago

bro i know u not fittin to jump ova da ladder