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Road trip find. Does bacon and cheese make EVERYTHING better? Ummm

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2051 days ago

Road trip find. Does bacon and cheese make EVERYTHING better? Ummm


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whatever125 2045 days ago

do you eat this?

78ruger 2047 days ago

Oh, Hey! My favorite! haha

Rhi21Rhi 2050 days ago

ian from smosh just ate those

Antigone68104 2050 days ago

Let me guess - Kari has been looking for revenge ever since "Cold Feet" and the bug-eating.

thejenorahshow 2051 days ago

Mmmmm..... Yummy?

LeonaEstep 2051 days ago

that is just nasty lmao, did you really eat that *puke*

420mytime 2051 days ago

Lets go fishin'... You get the line & I'll get the pole ...

Icesnake1950 2051 days ago

Crickets are just dry-land crayfish. Bacon and cheese etouffee, just add rice!

Patita_bSb 2051 days ago

D: did you eat one? :X

Daultonpilcher 2051 days ago

good source of protein

blazerrose 2051 days ago

Bacon can improve most anything, but not crickets. Nope. Myth busted.

nwcorca 2051 days ago

My 5 yr old daughter loves those! She gulfs them down like CANDY.

Rabid8264 2051 days ago

Ummm .....NO!

kaitechnolust 2051 days ago

I saw a guy making cricket scampi on tv a white back. It looked decent.

Buttertrtaholic 2051 days ago

Mmmmmmm Crick-ettes those are the good ones. Are they greasy like a potato chip or dry like a corn chip?

TheMalteseBippy 2051 days ago

Noooo don't eat it!

robgonzo 2051 days ago

Auugh!!! The package is opened!

Kittersplat 2051 days ago

Nice leg.

DalekEmpress 2051 days ago

I vote yes. If you're going to eat crickets, opt for the cheese flavor. Though dipped in chocolate would be better.

caljones 2051 days ago

only one of the mythbusters would find that