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New hair! I've been hiding it inside my hat for so long!

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2075 days ago

New hair! I've been hiding it inside my hat for so long!


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fxckyeeitsmel 2023 days ago

Word , tha's yuus real hair ? WDDDF ?

DenningSays 2060 days ago

Shaka Bra!

Bieberstyles 2074 days ago

oh my goshh that's so long!! 0_0

clbaker94 2074 days ago

lols its still cute even tho its fake haha

breannamarcelo 2075 days ago

DAMN. Cut your hair back dude! :)

Zastawg 2075 days ago

now thats some longg hair! haha not bad thou

WongFuCrewLNJF 2075 days ago

what are you like an asian allen iverson aka chia pet. Please do a surfer video.

WongFuCrewLNJF 2075 days ago

dude u look like Johnny Tsuanami or however you spell it. wow surfer look? :) still cute
God bless, Jesus Loves
Fele Monet

enalenman 2075 days ago

yo you look like this girl i know

joshcesarp 2075 days ago

thats fake LOL

Vinny_Cent 2075 days ago

woah ! Dats like mad long ! Lol , perfect for swaggin it out wen yur cookin! So based

KOFilms1 2075 days ago

thats how my hair used to look like 3 years ago
CUT IT! Go back to the short bangs to the side!

Mrs_Dprizzy 2075 days ago

wtpho lnao you still sexy as ever

AmieHasPryde 2075 days ago

LOOOOOOOOOL, Awe, you make this soooo cute (:

xMaryBaex 2075 days ago

LMFAO, Hella gorgeous. ;]

PaulGole 2075 days ago

no homo

PaulGole 2075 days ago

Haha Gabe's face is pricless, andd holy shyt....russel never knew it was that long!

HiIm_Hakeem 2075 days ago

thats like a hippie are style ! lmaoo

carmiraxstarr 2075 days ago


KuyaBryBry 2075 days ago