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2019 days ago


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eastlakesammy 2018 days ago

Sorry, don't know who Robert Indiana is. And I'm not a big of this, hard on the eyes.

kayla_kicks 2018 days ago

Haters...Dont you know this is reference to Robert Indiana's Heliotherapy Love http://bit.ly/gVBoSS

brandondesign 2018 days ago

I understand what it is in reference to and love that Google does this but am not a fan of this one.

K_varun 2018 days ago

The worst doodle so far... very painful to see it for more than 3 secs

00Dell 2018 days ago

colors kinda drain the eye.. and it reminds me too much of glee mixed with oprah's logo.. neither r good

javiercamacho 2018 days ago

I dont like it at all... :S

zeptom 2018 days ago

And the winner for worst color mix this year so far goes to ...

anup_pillai 2018 days ago


yamanfakhry 2018 days ago

it's bad

s_vishnu 2018 days ago

where is yellow?

visualaundry 2018 days ago

smart colors

ClubTaky 2018 days ago


Ganesh_Seth 2018 days ago

Google doodle on Valentine's Day should have 2 hearts instead of one lonely heart :-( Moreover the color selection is too bad!

Ponthamarai 2018 days ago

design perfect...colors are not attractive...

BurnFireMedia 2018 days ago

What is this guys. Do you know who made this? Robert Indiana. Live Long Robert. Live Long Google. Can You Make Like This?

KomalRandive 2018 days ago

the pattern doesnt stand out ..... didnt like the colors as well

dhirenmay 2018 days ago

Confusing but Good creativity...I liked it

twitturgate 2018 days ago


xsleepfordays 2018 days ago

My eyes are bleeding.

aiem_SunnY 2018 days ago

just saw Google today! lovely!