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Flipping off the god hates fags fucks

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2126 days ago

Flipping off the god hates fags fucks


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MissMusicNerd 2055 days ago

WBC protested the GRAMMYs? If only I'd known, I coulda flipped them off, too!!

RhythmMakr85 2125 days ago

Even while flipping the bird, you are awesome and gorgeous.

CrisMarkos 2125 days ago

Kick their asses Margaret! You rock girl!

riot_grrrl937 2125 days ago

Fuck those people! Love you, Margaret <3

wenchwire 2126 days ago

go go Ms Cho ;)

charles116 2126 days ago

It's a well-know fact the arch angels are hung like horses and don't wear anything under those divine white chiffon thingys - God's orders, You do the math.

dleo75 2126 days ago

My favorite wave.If my daughter takes shop class Im having her make me a hand w/ the bird I miss it.

jaymayokay 2126 days ago

Love to you and John! Give 'em hell (that's where they're headed anyway)!!

Bruin1fan 2126 days ago

LOL! Do for us that can't be there to do it!

GeekyChrissy 2126 days ago

Much love, Ms. Cho. ((hug))

mindrunfree 2126 days ago

You do it with such grace.

Ry_Ferg 2126 days ago

Like a good witch casting a spell. You rock. =)

robbyoconnor 2126 days ago


gwjonesjr 2126 days ago

Get 'em Margaret!

TinfoilMagnolia 2126 days ago

SO Awesome. You both look great BTW.

JillNMike 2126 days ago

And looking fab whilst doing it!! LOVE YOU!!!!

llKTll 2126 days ago

You are amazing... and thank you someone needs to tell those small minded people to fck off! xoxoxoxox

danisiers 2126 days ago

this makes me happy!!!!!!

glitterxplosion 2126 days ago

Oh, I love you Miss Cho.