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1987 days ago



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isis_of_march 1905 days ago

still beautiful afterall these years.

juliathediver 1909 days ago

come to brazil we need you more

musichoir 1914 days ago

u are so amazing paul! look at ur cutie face <3 muak

Joaqueen_ 1922 days ago

come back to ARGENTINA! We need youu!

OsquiFernandez 1922 days ago

Yeaahh....come back to ARGENTINA! We need youu!

JiyaMarcos 1927 days ago

come back to buenos aires genioooooooooooo te amamos

TalytaVespa 1927 days ago

pleeeeeeeease, come back to São Paulo! we love you, paul, you are incredible! dont leave us alone

mauro_xeneixexe 1935 days ago

paul PLEASE come back to ARGENTINA! we love you here!!

agupe 1935 days ago

please paulllllllllllll come back to buenos aires,argentina. we love you.

ohkashi 1936 days ago


me4ever22c 1938 days ago

Come down to Nova Scotia sometime!

rocknrobin57 1939 days ago

Paul you look Fabulous! I never miss a show and your music lives on through the generations in my family! My Grandchildren know and Love your music!! Hope to see you soon.....All My Lovin!! Robin

piargue 1950 days ago

I L O V E Y O U W I T H A L L M Y B E I N G!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (cordoba , argentina)

WeLovePaul 1959 days ago

You're so cute! Get back! #Paulinrio we love you

mxmusicxpress 1959 days ago

Coming back to the US? The greatest concert I saw with my daughter was Atlanta 2009. She knew all the words!

margareis 1961 days ago

Paul I heard that you come back to Brazil on 2011, how about come to my house too. Love you.

Lattenas 1965 days ago

paullllll argentina needs you

Franchiuz 1968 days ago

Come back to argentina Paul!!!

julietcodinardo 1970 days ago

paul you are the man, love you, kisses from argentina

mrsmcartney4lyf 1974 days ago

i love you paul kisses from uk